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What's the advantage and disadvantage of cast iron gate?

    What's the advantage and disadvantage of cast iron gate?
    Update Time:2017-09-14
    Cast iron gate mainly by the gate and gate two parts. The gate of the cast iron gate valve is the supporting member of the gate. The running slides of the gate are installed by the anchor bolts in the second concrete of the sluice pier and the gate plate, and all the water pressure To the chamber.
        In order to scientifically and rationally save materials and reduce their weight, cast iron gate valve section made of lattice, section size of the load size and gate operation of the comprehensive consideration. The brake plate is used to close and open the mouth of the activities of retaining water components, the board around the cast iron frame beam, in order to improve the strength of the gate, the board made of arch, arch of the central angle by sixty degrees design, To reduce the water pressure it receives.

        Cast iron gate installation precautions
        1, before the installation of the gate, first check the connection parts of the bolts due to transport caused by the loosening, if loose should be tightened. In the case of
        2, check the main frame and the horizontal frame on the sealing surface is dislocated, if there is dislocation is loose connection bolts will be adjusted in the same plane.
        3, the gate should be installed in place as a whole installation, prohibit the gate, gate installation, to prevent the deformation of the gate.
        4, two pouring before the overall lifting of the gate in place to find good before and after the right position, and then adjust the bolts and works with steel welding firm.
        5, the gate before leaving the factory, in order to make the gate, gate frame fit more tightly, after installation to reduce the gap, 2 meters above the gate in the upper and lower horizontal frame installed on the pressure plate card iron, wire. Note that after the adjustment of the gap will be on the iron and oblique iron on the top wire removed, so that the gate opening and closing. In the case of
        6, in the pouring of concrete, the flow into the gate, gate, oblique iron, baffle gap in the mortar should be removed to prevent the coagulation of the impact of opening and closing

        Working principle: gate sealing surface and sealing surface of the valve seat is smooth, smooth, consistent, processed into a very fit, tight seal. Gate through the stem on the mention, under pressure, the formation of conduction and turn on the media. It is in the pipeline to break the role.
        Advantages: the fluid resistance is small; full open when the sealing surface from erosion; can be used in the case of two-way flow of media, no direction; strong and durable; not only suitable for small valves, and can make big valves.
        Disadvantages: height; open and close a long time; bulky; repair difficult; if it is a large caliber gate valve, manual operation more laborious.
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