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How to store and maintain the valve?

    How to store and maintain the valve?
    Update Time:2017-11-09
    In order for the long-term continuous normal operation, it is necessary to have regular maintenance and strict management for all equipment and equipment. Jinbin valves are connected with these devices and devices
    To play its control performance of the indispensable parts, therefore, Jinbin valves should be considered comprehensive maintenance and management problem.

    Jinbin valve Maintenance
    Jinbin Valves are indispensable components that connect these devices and devices together and play their control performance, and therefore should take into account overall maintenance and management issues.

    Maintenance of the valve in custody
    Valve transport into the warehouse, the custodian should be timely for storage procedures, which is conducive to the inspection and custody of the valve. The custodian should carefully check the valve model specifications, check the appearance of the valve quality, and to assist the inspectors of the valve before the storage strength test and sealing test. Meet the acceptance criteria of the valve, can be handled for storage procedures; the failure should also be properly kept, to be dealt with by the relevant departments.
    On the library of the valve, to carefully wipe, clean the valve in the transport process of water and dust dirt, easy to rust surface, stem, sealing surface should be coated with a layer of anti-rust agent or paste a layer of anti- Rust paper to be protected; the valve inlet and outlet channels to use plastic cover or wax paper to be closed, so as not to enter the dirt.
    Inventory should be done in accordance with the size and size of the order, the discharge on the shelves; large valves can be discharged in the warehouse on the ground, according to model specifications Placed in pieces. The valve should be placed upright, not the flange sealing surface contact with the ground, but not allowed to stack together.
    In order to keep the valve in good condition, in addition to the need for dry and ventilated, clean and clean warehouse, there should be a set of advanced, scientific management system for all custody of the valve should be regularly maintained inspection
    For long-term use of the valve, if the use of asbestos packing, it should be asbestos packing from the packing letter removed, so as to avoid electronic chemical corrosion, damage to the stem.
    More than the provisions of the use of rust inhibitors, lubricants, should be regularly replaced or added.
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