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Monitoring valve health via the internet

Monitoring valve health via the internet
Issue Time:2017-07-26

Most valve end users are already using smart valve positioners on some control valves, but they may not have time to check the valve diagnostics software to notice if any valves are developing problems. Imagine instead simply getting a weekly report listing which valves need attention.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enables valve experts at corporate engineering or company expertise centers to monitor the health of the valves in a plant remotely to drive better valve performance over the lifespan of those valves. Related equipment such as pumps also can be monitored.

IIoT is just starting to be a catch-phrase, and those considering its use are often left wondering how to get started. Many plants have chosen a phased approach to implementation, starting within the plant, then connecting to the internet much later.

17 sum IIOT Fig1

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