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Welcome the Bangladesh clients’ visit to our factory

Welcome the Bangladesh clients’ visit to our factory
Issue Time:2017-08-22

In recent years, Tianjin Tanggu jinbin valve Co, ltd  has been developing continuously. And our company  focus on the quality of products, has always been relying on high-quality products to attract customers. Our company  is constantly expanding and consolidating the domestic market, and actively expanding overseas markets.The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of  "best products, best service" . And today, so glad to meet with 2 clients from Bangladesh.


                                                               The clients are checking our castings

                                                                                checking the valve fittings

Accompanied by the manager, customers visited the company's production workshop with great interest and praised the quality of our valves.We have technical exchanges with our clients, and introduced our valves to them.After the technical exchange and negotiation, the customers expressed a strong desire to cooperate and look forward to further follow-up with our company.

                                             Bangladesh clients and our  manager posed for photographs

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