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High Demand for raw materials promoted the valve prices

High Demand for raw materials promoted the valve prices
Issue Time:2017-08-29
1, small and medium-sized energy consumption enterprises shut down a large area due to the strick environmental regulation and control.

Environmental regulation and control, is the green development requirements, the future state of the strict control of the environment, will gradually strengthen, but also the usual process, for raw materials and operating costs increase, price increases is an inevitable trend. Can not have luck.

2, Raw material inventory decline and demand, prompting the price soared, copper price is only 4000 time.

Copper in the new industries such as cable, wind energy, electric vehicles and other new industries increased demand, need strong, decided to short-term copper prices will not decline, although the market waiting to see a strong atmosphere, but the price rose to 40,000 is estimated to be a matter of time.

3, the supply side of the reform is a long and long process, will not temporarily stop, the end of low-cost dividends.

For the supply side and the excess capacity reform is a long and inevitable process, the original market price of low-cost factors, because some small and medium enterprises shut down, the price is bound to rise.

4, change the concept of development and innovation as the prerequisite for future core business competition requirements. Large enterprises have more advantages, small businesses will be further squeezed.

Innovation is the core competitiveness of the future brand, need to increase the intensity of research and development and investment, small businesses will be further squeezed, the market to the big brand gather, which is the inevitable result of market development.

For the copper price skyrocketing, is the "green development" and the inevitable process of overcapacity adjustment, as a plumbing valve enterprises need to adjust the strategy in time to increase research and development efforts to avoid the price of the road in the market, not affected.
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