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A new technical progress in valve area

A new technical progress in valve area
Issue Time:2017-09-04
Over the past decade, we had made a rapid development  in oil and gas pipeline industry , from the length of the pipeline point of view, the total mileage of oil and gas pipeline 106,000 km, including crude oil pipeline about 26,000 km, about 20,000 km of refined oil pipeline, natural gas pipeline about 60,000 km , And the construction of such a long mileage of oil and gas pipelines, in addition to the pipeline, there is an essential element - the valve.

   (A) special plug valve foreign long-term monopoly, threatening energy security

    The importance of the valve in the transport of oil is basically the same as the importance of the faucet for the supply of tap water, and the length of the Chinese oil pipeline determines the number of valves used in a few. However, due to the high threshold of the technology used in the special plug valve for refined oil transportation pipelines, the plug valves used in China for a long time are dependent on imports, which are not only expensive but also expensive to maintain, but also China's energy security Of a major risk.

    But now well, the domestic plug valve has been successfully among the high-end market, the manufacturing cycle is only half of foreign products, and can provide 48 hours to the scene after-sales service, a substantial savings in China's oil pipeline construction and maintenance costs.
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