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The influence of oil and gas industry to valve

The influence of oil and gas industry to valve
Issue Time:2017-09-09
Although there is not much change in the oil and gas development and transportation , the valve manufacturers have been constantly updated valve technology, and actively respond to the oil, natural gas industry market changes:

1.With the rapid growth of oil and natural gas demand in Metal seal the world market, the development of crude oil footprints also traveled every corner of the earth, crude oil extraction of the equipment put forward new requirements.

2.In 2002, the American Petroleum Institute Standard API 6D provides: design pressure higher than ASME Class 600 grade valve products must be designed to "explosion decompression." Soon, the valve manufacturers responded quickly, developed a "explosion decompression" seal and anti-"explosion decompression" valve to meet the harsh environmental requirements.

3. In pursuit of economic interests, many oil refineries are overloaded, with industrial process experience, the valve manufacturer will arrange the valve, reduce the possibility of the problem.

4.In order to ensure production,there is preventive maintenance of oil companies, andrequiring equipment maintenance cycle. A small number of well-profined valve manufacturers provided data analysis system to quantify the valve operation process to provide valve preventive maintenance time.

5. automatic implementation of the refining process automation is the trend, the middle of the control technology has been developed for a long period of time. The valve manufacturer installs the automatic actuator on the valve to meet the requirements of automatic control of production. Automated agency technology has been greatly developed.

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