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Large diameter google valve is being proceeded

Large diameter google valve is being proceeded
Issue Time:2017-12-02

DN2400 google valve is being produced in full swing in the workshop. We are specializing in the production of various types of valve testing equipment enterprises, rely on science and technology, committed to the valve manufacturing and use. On the basis of years of technical experience in the production of valves and drawing on the advantages of the foreign products of the same kind, this large diameter google valve has been produced.The production of the valve again proves the strength of the enterprise.

With the rapid development of economy and technology in the world, the valve industry is developing toward large caliber, high pressure, high quality and high stability. The valve performance is increasingly demanding. The testing equipment and testing methods for valves, especially Is the petrochemical industry high pressure, high pressure valve testing also proposed a newer and higher requirements. A lot of key valves in the national key projects are in urgent need of valve testing equipment to ensure the localization of key valves. SO our company firmly grasp the pulse of the market, according to market and customer needs, in recent years the company stepped up its efforts in independent innovation.The DN2400mm google valve is designed and produced by ourselves. 

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