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The production of Jinbin valve full welded ball valve has been completed

The production of Jinbin valve full welded ball valve has been completed
Issue Time:2018-07-24
Today, the temperature continues to rise, despite the hot weather, but still can not resist Jin Bin employees seriously responsible for the work. The production site of Jinbin valve company is in full swing. At present, some projects have short construction period and heavy tasks, and all departments are working hard to make progress in production.

In order to ensure the smooth production of the products, the departments are properly scheduled, and the production plan is carefully arranged. According to the production time of each process, many people are arranged in continuous production of interspersed type without interruption sequence, and the employees are also orderly to promote the production of each process.

Today, the workshop has completed the production of the welded ball valves. This batch of welding valves, after strict quality control, has completed the production within the time limit specified by the customer. The ball valve has a caliber from DN200-500, with more than 50 pieces.

All welded ball valves are suitable for city gas pipelines, large heat supply equipment pipelines, steel mills, all kinds of fluids, gas heat supply, and fuel supply pipeline.

Structural characteristics
The valve body is formed by the steel plate and welded together. The valve body is welded together to avoid any possible leakage of the medium. The valve seat combined structure with spring loading is used to adapt the pressure and temperature change to ensure the tight contact between the sealing ring and the ball. The valve stem is machined by precision machine tools, which reduces the friction coefficient between the contact surfaces, and further improves the sealing performance and operating torque of the valve.

Various modes of operation
Jin Bin valve can provide various types of valve actuators: manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic linkage. The specific model is selected according to the valve torque.

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