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automatic fuel oil emergency shut-off close valve

automatic fuel oil emergency shut-off close valve

automatic fuel oil emergency shut-off close valve
Categoriesoil emergency shut off valve
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BrandJinbin Valve
Standard or NonstandardStandard
PressureMedium Pressure
Materialwcb, ductile iron
Temperature of MediaMedium Temperature
Port SizeDN100-DN8000mm
Trajectorycorner stroke
standardsGB, API, Q12TG4359-2015
open or close speed1 second or custom
signalsvarious and optional
Installationhorizon installation
OEM & ODMWelcome
Update Time2019-06-18
Detail Information
Product Description

automatic fuel oil emergency shut-off close valve


B Series adopts bias hemisphere seal form structure, motion trajectory is angular stroke, and the opening control is similar to the traditional ball valve. When the setting is often open (often closed) locking in the emergency Safe mode, the system enters the automatic detection alert attendance State, at this time the valve board loses the movement freedom, the system magnetic field for the equipment reserves sufficient potential energy to maintain the equilibrium stable state, waits the conditional directive implements 1 seconds closes (opens) the process. is the dangerous product pipe network and city gas pipe network control preferred products. Installation azimuth recommended preferred axis level, the special special.


 Main materials

Part nameMaterial
valve bodyQT450, WCB
valve shaft2Cr13
valve clackstainless steel
valve seatstainless steel
bearingaluminum bronze
packingPTFE, flexible graphite

ApplicationPipeline safety automatic prevention equipment series B can be on-site operation, remote control and wireless, GSM, satellite communications manipulation: after 1-5 seconds using the equipment's own reserves of "gravitational potential energy" to complete the process of change in the state of rapid security control, emergency safe haven.

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product story

leakage  happen every week  around  us


before and after fire

it is dangerous


Why Jinbin invent this series products?



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