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  • Valve design standard

    Valve design standard ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers ANSI American National Standards Institute API American Petroleum Institute MSS SP American Standardization Association of Valves and Fittings Manufacturers British Standard BS Japanese Industrial Standard JIS / JPI German Nation...
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  • Valve installation knowledge

    Valve installation knowledge

    In the fluid system, the valve is used to control the direction, pressure and flow of the fluid. In the process of construction, the quality of valve installation directly affects the normal operation in the future, so it must be highly valued by the construction unit and production unit. The va...
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  • Valve sealing surface, how much knowleage do you know ?

    Valve sealing surface, how much knowleage do you know ?

    In terms of the simplest cut-off function, the sealing function of the valve in the machinery is to prevent the medium from leaking out or blocking the external substances from entering the interior along the joint between the parts in the cavity where the valve is located. The collar and compone...
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  • चीनी झडप उद्योग विकास घटकांवर विश्लेषण

    चीनी झडप उद्योग विकास घटकांवर विश्लेषण

    Favorable factors (1) The “13th Five-Year” nuclear industry development plan stimulating the market demand for nuclear valves Nuclear power is recognized as the clean energy. With the development of nuclear power technology as well as its enhanced security and economy, the nuclea...
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  • अपस्ट्रीम तेल व गॅस आकर्षक संधी

    अपस्ट्रीम तेल व गॅस आकर्षक संधी

    The upstream oil & gas opportunities for valve sales are centered on two primary types of applications: wellhead and pipeline. The former are generally governed by the API 6A Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment, and the latter by the API 6D Specification for Pipeline a...
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  • काय De.DN.Dd अर्थ

    काय De.DN.Dd अर्थ

    DN (नाममात्र व्यास) पाइप, बाह्य व्यास आणि आतील व्यास सरासरी आहे नाममात्र व्यास याचा अर्थ. DN मूल्य डे -0.5 * ट्यूब भिंतीची जाडी मूल्य मूल्य =. टीप: ही बाह्य व्यास किंवा आतील व्यास नाही आहे. पाणी, गॅस प्रसार स्टील ...
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