1100 ℃ high temperature air damper valve production is completed

Recently, Jinbin completed the production of 1100 ℃ high temperature air damper valve. This batch of air damper valves are exported to foreign countries for high temperature gas in boiler production. There are square and round valves, depending on the customer’s pipeline. In the communication with foreign customers, Jinbin technology department quickly selects the damper type according to the customers’ working conditions, communicates with the customers and confirms the technical parameters, and then issues the drawings to the customers for confirmation. In the condition where the whole valve needs to be in the environment of 1100 ℃, Jinbin technology R & D Department calculated the thermal expansion of the valve shaft and valve plate, as well as the thermal conductivity of the refractory materials of the valve body and valve plate shaft, and decided to add appropriate thickness of refractory materials to the valve body and valve plate. Because the air damper valves are operated by electric actuator, we must consider the temperature that the actuator can withstand .

After production and assembly, our electricians do trial opening and closing operation after electrical installation and debugging. The opening and closing operation is flexible for many times without jamming.

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After passing the inspection of the quality inspection department, the appropriate export packaging was selected. The air damper valve of dn2800 is 4650mm in length, 2300mm in width and 2500mm in height. Considering the situation of super width and super height, Jinbin packaging department has designed the steel frame fixed packaging with a certain angle. Considering that a dn2800 valve weighs 5 tons, it is necessary to ensure the reinforcement and the forklift can fork up smoothly. Jinbin has a lot of experience in exporting large-diameter valves. No matter what kind of working conditions, as long as we can use valves, we will try our best to put forward solutions for customers.

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The customer affirmed the quality of Jinbin valve, and also benefited from the good control of domestic epidemic situation, which created conditions for the development of the enterprise. Although time is urgwnt, and the impact of the epidemic, but in Jinbin employees work overtime to work together to make the order completed. And in the process of strict inspection by the quality inspection department, the test data fully meet the export indicators. Jinbin with strong enterprise strength, excellent product quality and service guarantee, to ensure the orderly development of cooperation, won the trust and support of customers. The successful completion of the project shows the comprehensive strength of Jinbin.

The air damper valve is used in the dust containing cold air or hot air gas pipeline of the ventilation and environmental protection engineering in the chemical industry, building materials, power station, glass and other industries, as a pipe control device for regulating the flow or cutting off the gas medium.

This kind of valve should be installed horizontally in the pipeline.

The utility model is a simple regulating valve, which can also be used for on-off control of medium in low-pressure pipeline. The air damper valve is a kind of non closed butterfly valve.

Post time: Dec-28-2020