The production of blind valve exported to Italy was completed

Recently, Jinbin Valve has completed the production of a batch of closed blind valve exported to Italy. Jinbin Valve for the project valve technical specifications, working conditions, design, production, inspection and other aspects of the research and demonstration, to determine the product technical plan, from drawing design to product processing and manufacturing, process inspection, assembly pressure test, anti-corrosion spraying. Because the customer's working condition is 7m from the valve to the operating platform, the technical team of Jinbin proposed a bevel gear and chain operation scheme for this situation, and won the recognition of foreign customers. Through continuous communication with customers about size, material and other requirements, Tsumahama customizes according to customers' requirements. From the start of the project to the smooth delivery, all departments cooperate closely to strictly control the quality, strictly control the key links of technology, quality, production, inspection, etc., to unite and unite, and successfully create a high-quality project. After the completion of the production of the valve, through the pressure test and the opening and closing test, completely sealed without leakage.

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The closed blind valve is suitable for metallurgical, municipal environmental protection, industrial and mining industries in the gas medium pipeline system, for reliable cutting off the gas medium equipment, especially suitable for harmful, toxic, flammable gas cut-off, and do the blind closing of the pipeline terminal, in order to shorten the maintenance time or facilitate the connection of new pipeline system.

The blind valve has pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, electro-hydraulic, manual and other driving modes. And adopt different structural forms according to different specifications to adapt to the requirements of the user's energy conditions, environmental conditions and working conditions.

The successful delivery of valves again and again fully shows the company's R & D process, production control, supply security, testing, quality assurance and other aspects of the ability, Jinbin valve unswervingly take the road of innovation and development, constantly invest in R & D, with perseverance, excellence of the craftsman spirit, continuous accumulation, have completed a number of projects at home and abroad, and achieved impressive results.

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Post time: Dec-02-2023