Look, Indonesian customers are coming to our factory

Recently, our company welcomed a 17-person Indonesian team of customers to visit our factory. Customers have expressed a strong interest in our company's valve products and technologies, and our company has arranged a series of visits and exchange activities to meet the needs and expectations of them.

Firstly,customers from Indonesia first visited our creative and innovative valve showroom. The exhibition hall shows all kinds of valve products of our company, showing our advantages and various certificates in the valve industry. The customer highly appreciated the design and quality of our valve products and expressed their willingness to cooperate with us. Our sales team thanked them for their appreciation and introduced the features and advantages of various valve products in detail.

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Subsequently, the customer entered our valve production workshop to witness our valve production process and technical equipment. Our valve shop maintains efficient operation, clean working environment and modern production equipment to impress customers. The customers had an in-depth technical exchange with our engineers to discuss the details of the manufacture and quality control of the valve products. Our engineers answered their questions with professionalism, patience and responsibility, demonstrating our deep strength in the field of valve technology.

In order to express our attention and enthusiasm to the customers, Comrade Chen Shaoping, chairman of our company, personally received them. The Chairman-Chen Shaoping extended a sincere welcome to the customers and expressed our desire to cooperate with our Indonesian customers. The chairman-Chen Shaoping had a friendly conversation with the customers to understand their needs and expectations, and said that we will do our best to meet their requirements.

During the visit and exchange activities, our company adhered to the principle of customer first and provided warm and thoughtful service to Indonesian customers. We hope that this visit will deepen our customers' understanding of our company and strengthen our cooperative relationship. We will strive to provide customers with high quality products and comprehensive technical support to ensure that we can work together with Indonesian customers to create a better future.

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Post time: Nov-07-2023