Selection of ventilation butterfly valve

The ventilation butterfly valve is the valve that passes through the air to move the gas medium. The structure is simple and easy to operate.


1. The cost of ventilation butterfly valve is low, the technology is simple, the torque required is small, the actuator model is small, and the overall price will have a greater advantage;

2. The temperature is basically unlimited. Different materials can be used at normal temperature (< 100 ℃), high temperature (200 ℃ + -) and ultra-high temperature (500 ℃ + -);

3. Long service life, simple structure and easy maintenance of ventilation butterfly valve;

4. With a certain leakage rate, add a retaining ring on the inner wall of the valve body to make the valve plate closely fit with the retaining ring when the valve is closed to reduce the leakage, and the leakage can be controlled at about 1%; for the waste gas treatment project, it is within the control range;

Based on these characteristics, the ventilation butterfly valve has been widely recognized, adsorption desorption, catalytic combustion and other waste gas treatment projects use this kind of valve.

Classification of ventilation butterfly valve:

1. According to the connection, it can be divided into flange, welding end and wafer ends

2 .According to the material, it can be divided into stainless steel, carbon steel and dual phase steel steel

3. According to the operation way, it can be divided into electric, manual, pneumatic and hydraulic operation




Post time: Apr-03-2021