The successful acceptance of knife gate valves of DN1200 and DN800

Recently, Tianjin Tanggu Jinbin Valve Co., Ltd. has completed DN800 and DN1200 knife gate valves exported to the UK, and passed the test of all performance indexes of the valve successfully, and passed the customer acceptance. Since its establishment in 2004, Jinbin valve has been exported to more than 42 countries, including Britain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland, Ukraine, India, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Peru, etc., and passed the factory management and quality management inspection of the qualified suppliers of Crane Europe company of the United States in 2016. As an export business, the requirements of foreign customers are sometimes very high. Jinbin valve is strictly manufactured according to the requirements of customers and can be successfully inspected by customers and international third party certification. High standard completion of orders, but also led to the improvement of Jinbin valve in technology, technology and other aspects.

For this knife gate valves order, the customer requires that the working pressure of DN800 knife gate valve is 4 bar, and the connection is PN16 flange connection. However, according to the standard of knife gate valve, the working pressure of DN800 knife gate valve is 2bar. Based on the principle of solving the difficulties for customers, Jinbin valve after the research of the technology department and put forward the solution, Jinbin received this order, after the completion of production, because it is bi-directional sealing, pressure test of bi-direction is zero leakage, Jinbin valve also successfully completed the production of this order. The knife gate valve which is able to withstand 4bar knife gate valve smoothly delivered to customers. Customers also require that the DN 1200 knife gate valve be spur gear. Jinbin has successfully selected the right spur gear for customers, and has successfully passed the opening and closing debugging. The customer was very satisfied with the product and said that they would continue to cooperate more in the future. Jinbin valve has also overcome the problem of standard pressure bearing of knife gate valve, and has great experience in producing knife gate valve with pressure exceeding the standard pressure bearing range.

DN1200 bi-directional knife gate valve


DN800 bi-directional knife gate valve

Post time: Mar-23-2021