THT bi-directional flange ends knife gate valve

1. Brief introduction
The movement direction of the valve is perpendicular to the fluid direction, the gate is used to cut off the medium. If needs higher tightness, an O-type sealing ring can be used to get bi-directional sealing.
The knife gate valve has small installation space, not easy to accumulate debris and etc.
The knife gate valve should generally be installed vertically in pipeline.
2. Application
This knife gate valve is used in chemical industry, coal, sugar, sewage, paper making and other fields widely. It is an ideal sealed valve, especially suitable for adjusting and cut off the pipe in paper industry.
3. Features
(a) The gate opening upwards can scrape off the adhesives on the sealing surface and automatically remove debris.
(b) The short structure can save materials and installation space, also effectively support the strength of the pipeline.
(c)  The scientific seal packing design makes the upper seal safe and effective and durable
(d) The stiffener design on valve body improves the whole strength
(e) Bi-directional sealing
(f) The flange ends can be PN16 flange ends, and the working pressure can be higher than normal knife gate valve.
4. Product display

Post time: Sep-06-2021