Goggle valve or line blind valve, customized by Jinbin

The goggle valve is applicable to the gas medium pipeline system in metallurgy, municipal environmental protection and industrial and mining industries. It is a reliable equipment for cutting off the gas medium, especially for the absolute cutting off of harmful, toxic and flammable gases and the blind closing of pipeline terminals, so as to shorten the maintenance time or facilitate the connection of new pipeline systems.

Jinbin goggle valve has pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, electro-hydraulic, manual and other driving modes. Different structural forms shall be adopted according to different specifications to meet the requirements of users’ energy conditions, environmental conditions and working conditions.

The goggle valve is made of carbon steel, stainless steel and two-way steel to meet different working conditions.


Structural features of Jinbin goggle valve:

1. The goggle valve is composed of valve body, driving device, clamping device, etc.

2. The valve body adopts three-point structure, compact structure, good overall rigidity and reliable quality.

3. The sealing pair of valve body and valve plate adopts a flexible sealing pair composed of stainless steel and rubber, which has reliable sealing. If the sealing ring adopts fluororubber, it can withstand high temperature and have long service life.

4. The clamping mechanism adopts screw nut type, with rapid clamping and loosening action and good self-locking.

5. Explosion proof motor is adopted, which can ensure the safe and reliable transportation action of the valve whether indoors or outdoors.

6. It can be operated manually on site or remotely.

7. The operation control device of the electric control box can also be designed separately. The machine is not equipped with the electric control box. If the user needs to order separately.


Product display of JINBIN goggle valve:

Goggle valve introduce-3

Process of JINBIN goggle valve:

Goggle valve introduce-4


Post time: Oct-15-2021