Soft seal butterfly valve and hard seal butterfly valve difference

Soft seal and hard seal butterfly valves are two common types of valves, they have significant differences in sealing performance, temperature range, applicable media and so on.


First of all, the soft sealing high performance butterfly valve usually uses rubber and other soft materials as the sealing ring, which has good elasticity and can achieve better sealing effect. Because of its soft material, it has a good adaptability to the vibration of the pipeline and the changes of thermal expansion and cold contraction. However, the temperature resistance of the soft seal electric actuator butterfly valve is relatively poor, generally can only withstand lower temperatures, and is not suitable for pipelines containing particles or crystalline media.


In contrast, the hard-sealed eccentric butterfly valve uses hard materials such as metal as the sealing surface, which has higher wear resistance and temperature resistance. This butterfly valve can withstand high temperature and pressure, suitable for a variety of harsh working environments, such as petrochemical, metallurgy and other industries. The sealing performance of the hard-sealed flanged butterfly valve is stable and reliable, but the price is relatively high.


In practical applications, the choice of soft seal or hard seal actuated butterfly valve should be considered according to the specific working conditions and the nature of the medium. For example, for medium pipelines with high temperature or containing particles, hard-sealed butterfly valves should be preferred to ensure sealing effect and service life; For pipelines with low temperature and stable medium properties, soft rubber sealing butterfly valves can be selected to reduce costs.


In short, soft sealing and hard sealing electric butterfly valves have advantages and disadvantages, and the most suitable valve type should be selected according to actual needs. 

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Post time: Feb-23-2024