Three-way ball valve

Have you ever had a problem adjusting the direction of a fluid?  In industrial production, construction facilities or household pipes, to ensure that fluids can flow on demand, we need an advanced valve technology.  Today, I will introduce you to an excellent solution – the three-way ball valve.

Three-way ball valve is a multi-functional valve, composed of a ball and three channels, can freely adjust the direction of fluid under different working conditionsThe working principle of the three-way ball valve is to make the valve open or blocked by rotating the valve. Ball valve switch light, small size, can be made into a large caliber, reliable sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance, sealing surface and sphere are often in a closed state, not easy to be washed by the medium, in various industries have been widely used.

The three-way ball valve is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. Three-way ball valve is a relatively new type of ball valve category, it has its own structure has some unique advantages, such as no friction switch, seal is not easy to wear, small opening and closing torque. This reduces the size of the configured actuator.
Three way ball valve has T type and L type. The T type can make the three orthogonal pipes interconnect with each other and cut off the third channel, which plays the role of shunt and confluence. L-type three-way ball valve type can only connect the two pipelines that are orthogonal to each other, and can not maintain the mutual connectivity of the third pipeline at the same time, and only play the role of distribution.

Three-way ball valves also have the characteristics of automatic control, and can be combined with electric devices, pneumatic actuators or hydraulic drive devices to achieve remote control and automatic operation. This makes the three-way ball valve widely used in the field of industrial automation, greatly improving work efficiency and safety.

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Post time: Sep-08-2023