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Water check valve, also known as check valve, check valve, counterflow valve, is a valve that automatically opens and closes depending on the flow of the medium itself. The main function of the check valve is to prevent the backflow of the medium, prevent the reversal of the pump and the drive motor, as well as the drainage of the container media, and protect the safety of the pipeline system and equipment.

 Water Check Valve1

Small check valves can be mainly divided into swing check valves (rotating according to the center of gravity) and lift check valves (moving along the axis). Check valves can be applied to pipelines of various media depending on the material. The working characteristic of the check valve is that the load changes greatly, the opening and closing frequency is small, and the application cycle is very long once it is put into the closed or open state, and the moving parts are not required to move.

 Water Check Valve2

Since the dual plate check valve is used for rapid closure in most practical use, and the moment the check valve is closed, the medium is flowing in the direction, with the valve closed, the medium rapidly drops from the maximum backflow speed to zero, and the pressure rapidly rises, that is, the “water hammer” phenomenon that may have a destructive effect on the pipeline system. For high pressure piping systems with multiple pumps in parallel, the water hammer problem of check valves is more prominent.

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Water hammer is a kind of pressure wave in the transient flow in the pressure pipeline. It is a hydraulic shock phenomenon of pressure jump or drop caused by the change of fluid velocity in the pressure pipeline. The physical reason is the result of the combined action of incompressibility of fluid, inertia of fluid movement and elasticity of pipeline. In order to prevent the hidden danger of water hammer in the pipeline, over the years, engineers have used some new structures and new materials in the design of the stainless steel check valve to minimize the impact of the water hammer while ensuring the applicable performance of the check valve.

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Post time: Apr-12-2024