Flap gate valve exported to Trinidad and Tobago

Flap gate valve

Flap gate valve

Flap door: mainl installed at the end of the drainage pipe, it is a check valve with the function of preventing water from flowing backward.

Flap door: it is mainly composed of valve seat (valve body), valve plate, sealing ring and hinge.

Flap door: the shape is divided into round and square.

Flap gate valve Flap gate valve


Flap door: Materials are divided into stainless steel, cast iron, steel, composite materials (glass fiber reinforced plastic) and other materials.


Flap door: a one-way valve installed at the outlet of the drainage pipe along the river. When the tide level of the river is higher than the outlet pipe orifice and the pressure is greater than the pressure in the pipe, the flap door panel will automatically close to prevent the river tide from flowing back into the drainage pipe.

Flap gate valve Flap gate valve Flap gate valve


Flap gate valve Flap gate valve Flap gate valve Flap gate valve


Compared with the traditional gate, clapper gate has the following advantages:

1. More energy-saving (for example, no manual force is needed to open and close the door)

2. Long service life (simple mechanical structure and convenient maintenance)

3. Easy to use (the switch does not need manual operation)

Circular and square water outlets are only used for one-way flow.They are compact in structure and reliable in operation. The opening and closing force comes from the water source pressure. When the water pressure inside the flap door is greater than the pressure outside the flap door, it will open; otherwise, it will be closed.

Applicable media: water, river water, river water, sea water, domestic and industrial sewage

Scope of application: suitable for water conservancy system, municipal sewage, urban flood control and drainage, sewage treatment plant, water plant, etc.

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