Strengthening fire awareness, we are in action

In order to improve the fire fighting awareness of all staff, enhance the ability of all staff to deal with emergencies and prevent self rescue, and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents, according to the work requirements of “11.9 fire day”, Jinbin valve carried out safety training and drill activities under the organization of production safety director on the afternoon of November 4.




In the training, the safety director combined with the nature of the unit’s work, from the fire safety responsibilities, some major fire cases at present, and the problems in fire safety management, the safety director told the knowledge of how to check and eliminate fire hazards, how to put out the initial fire and how to escape in case of fire. The safety director also explained in detail to the drill personnel, including how to use the fire extinguisher quickly, how to put out the fire correctly and effectively, and how to take effective protective measures in case of fire


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Then, in order to ensure that all the participants master the basic knowledge of fire fighting and the operation methods of fire fighting equipment, and achieve the purpose of applying what they have learned, they also organized the participants to conduct field simulation exercises on the performance, scope of use, correct operation methods and maintenance of fire extinguishers.


Through the fire safety training drill, the fire safety awareness of the staff of the unit has been further enhanced, the skills of self-protection and self-help of fire-fighting have been enhanced, the use methods and skills of fire-fighting facilities and equipment have been further strengthened, and the fire-fighting safety awareness of employees has been improved, which has laid a good foundation for the development of fire-fighting safety work in the future. In the future, we will implement fire safety, eliminate hidden dangers, ensure safety, ensure the safe, healthy and orderly development of the company, and better serve our customers.


Post time: Nov-13-2020