The slide gate valve for dust can be customized in Jinbin

The slide gate valve is a kind of main control equipment for the flow or conveying capacity of powder material, crystal material, particle material and dust material. It can be installed in the lower part of ash hopper such as economizer, air preheater, dry dust remover and flue in thermal power plant, and can also be used with electric feeder. According to different materials, the temperature resistance is also different. The internal leakage rate of the slide gate valve: ≤ 1%; the external leakage rate of the slide gate valve is zero.

The slide gate valve can be divided into electric, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic and manual operation. The slide gate valve adopts a special leveling plate, and the sealing surface of the slide gate valve is processed by turning and milling chips. The sealing gap is small and the sealing performance is good. The connection way between the slide gate valve and the field pipeline can be flange bolt connection or butt welding connection with the pipeline.

1. The closed slide gate valve adopts the fully closed structure design. After the disc is opened, it is located in the closed maintenance room on the other side.

2. The electric slide gate valve is driven by electric actuator, the screw pair rotates to produce axial movement, and then the guide drive screw sleeve drives the plug-in disc to move, and the plug-in plate is pulled out or pushed in to complete the opening or closing action of the plug-in plate, and the operation is stable and reliable.

3. The pneumatic slide gate valve is inserted into the shell by the opening and closing cylinder to pull or push the disc to open or close.

4.  The sliding ball chain is installed on the two sides of the shell to limit the sliding plate to run in the guide rail. With the optimized design scheme, the sliding plate moves smoothly and easily, and the driving torque is small.

5. The slide gate valve can be operated remotely or controlled by program, with DCS remote control interface. The electric slide gate valve is equipped with Mechatronics electric device, which can be operated locally and remotely, and equipped with hand wheel operating mechanism; the pneumatic slide gate valve is equipped with air cylinder and control box, which can be operated locally and remotely.


When ordering the slide gate valve, it is necessary to tellthe working condition parameters as follows:

1.  Size, working medium, medium flow direction

2. Maximum working pressure (P) Pa, maximum working temperature (T) ℃

3. Pipeline direction (horizontal / vertical / inclined)

4. Required opening and closing speed

5. Installation location (indoor / outdoor)

6. Operation way: electric / pneumatic or manual

7. Connection way with pipeline (welding / flange connection)


1. Electric slide gate valve



2. Pneumatic slide gate valve



3. Manual slide gate valve


Post time: Apr-16-2021